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Handyman Services

Get your property maintenance done with us

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  • Home & Commercial improvements
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We are offering a range of home improvement solutions, including indoor and outdoor services. Hire our certified Handyman for your home renovations.


It can be complex sometimes to install everything on your own. Hire our Handyman and get your installations done. Be it a doorbell or clothesline. No job is big or small for us.

Automatic Garden Watering Systems
Fly Screen Installations
Skylight Installations
Whirlybird Installations
Glass Fences for Pool
Hybrid Flooring Installation
Roller Blind Installation
Clothesline Installation
Garage Racks
Shade Sail Installation
Split Air Conditioning
Garden Hose Installation
Antennas Installation
Garden Light Installation
Barbeque Installation
Letterbox Installation
Bird Net Installation
Artificial Grass Installation


Imagine your home just according to your choices. Don’t get caught up in tasks that can lead to risk for you. Hire our Handyman and renovate your house the way you want.

Replace Exterior Flood Lights to LED
Concrete Roof Weather-proofing
Floor Epoxy Coat
Replace Downlights


Get your repairs done at just one call. Hire our Handyman, and don’t let your important task be incomplete due to delayed repairs.

Change Leaking Taps and Showers
Roof Tile Repairs

Solar Panel Maintenance

Dust and dirt on solar panels causes constant problems and this builds up grimes over the years. PV arrays situated in dustier areas or near farmland or next to the main road needs special maintenance. Bird droppings rather than dust on your solar power panels are more damaging. If many trees surround your house, your solar panels will be covered not only by leaves but also by bird’s droppings. A lot of build-up and debris is caused over time due to both these reasons, making it more important and regular to clean and maintain your solar panels. We would recommend using experts to ensure your system is cleaned up to the best possible standards.

Inverter Cover
Bird Net Installation
Solar Panel Cleaning